The Foundry has catered receptions over the past twenty-six years and knows what your wedding reception means to you. We have built our reputation by ensuring that every bride is treated as an individual and that every reception is a unique experience. We remove the worry and guesswork out of creating a successful wedding event. This allows your family and friends to enjoy your special day.

There is an additional room rental for weddings at The Foundry. The price range is $2,000 - $3,000. This includes your tables, chairs, setup and time to decorate. Please call for an appointment to plan your wedding with our catering director.

Wedding Ceremonies

& Receptions

Foundry Pricing

Included in Room Rental

Foundry Tables and chairs

Set up and break down of Foundry tables and chairs

China ware at tables set by Foundry wait staff for traditional dinners.

Linens for the gift tables, cake tables, buffet tables, etc.


Four hours of event time (add ½ hour for ceremony /reception s)

*Additional time may be purchased at $250.00 /hr

Four hours leading up to function start time for set up

*Additional set up time may be purchased at$ 100.00/hr


One hour of clean up time following function

Foundry Ceremony/Reception


100-150 Guests

¾ of Building

$2,500 Room Rental

($ 1,995 minimum food purchase

with less than I00 guests)


150+ Guests

Entire Building


($2,992.00 minimum food purchase

with less than 150 guests)

Foundry Wedding Reception Only


150-200 Guests

¾ of Building

$2,000 Room Rental

($2,992.00 minimum food purchase

with less than 150 guests)


200+ Guests

Entire Building


($3,990.00 minimum food purchase

with less than 200 guests)

Book Your Next

With Us

Wedding or Reception




We do have a few simple guidelines to follow when decorating The Foundry. When in doubt, please contact our catering director over what can be brought in or moved in the venue.


Please give copies to your decorating committee or florist before event


1. Candles- Unscented Candles are allowed throughout the dining area if enclosed (example: In a glass up to the wick) The following are prohibited: Taper Candles (without insert protector), Candles that are not protected by glass (open flame), or candles in the lobby. It is recommended to use candles that burn for a minimum of five hours.

2. Foundry Furniture and Décor- The following may not be altered, or removed from the building:

Greenery and lights above each fireplace and the ice sickle lights, Lamps and décor in the lobby may be moved or taken away by Foundry employees only. This is best taken care of through the details of planning. Any removal or alteration to our existing décor may result in a charge of no less than $100.00.

3. Foundry Chair Removal- If providing chairs for your event other than the Foundry’s, a removal fee applies of $150.00.

4. Loose Glitter & Confetti may not be used in the venue. In addition, loose beads, tiny pebbles, etc. are prohibited unless contained.

5. Balloons- All helium balloons must be secured and weighted down. A $50.00 fee will be charged for any balloons that float to the ceilings.

6. No Fireworks can be used on the Foundry’s property. This does include sparklers.

7. Taping or nailing on the floor or walls of the building is prohibited. Please contact the Foundry for tips and advice over hanging items in the venue.

8. Petals- Flower petals used for ceremony décor must be swept up immediately following the ceremony. A $50.00 fee applies for the Foundry to do so.

9. Send off- Anything thrown must be approved by the catering director prior to event. All thrown Items such as bird seed, confetti, and flower petals must be cleaned up immediately following reception and are subject to a clean up fee no less than $100.00

We charge a minimum of $ 19.95 per person + 21 % Gratuity + Sales Tax.


The spaces may be rented for less guests than required if the equivalent amount is spent in food. For example , if a group wants the entire building for a reception and only have 175 guests, this is acceptable if they spend $3,990 in food. ($22.80 per guest).


This may easily be accomplished by either having a few added hors d' oeuvres or by selecting our buffet number two or three options from the menu .

Guest table linens may be rented through the Foundry.

They come in white, ivory and black.


90x90 Square tablecloths (short) - $6.00 per table


120’’ Round (Long) - $9.00 per table


Cloth napkins are available in

multiple color options. - $.50 each.


*The Foundry does not provide tablecloths

for a head table.

Add on Services


$50.00 - (Per Cake) Cake Cutting Fee.

We also include the plates, forks, and napkins with this service


$25.00 - Cake set up fee. Plates forks , and napkins with no cutting


$50.00 - (Per Carver) Carving Fee. Many of our meats require a carver. Those meats are listed on the menu.


$125.00 - (Per Bartender) Bartending Fee.

This is for up to four hours of event time.

*Alcohol must be purchased through the Foundry


$40.00 - Screen Rental with 4ft Table / Linen, extension cord,

and auxiliary cable.


$ I 0.00 - Easel Rental


$35.00 - Candelabra & Ferns in fireplace


$50.00 - Large fireplace turned on (Weather permitting)


$15.00 - Small fireplace turned on (Weather permitting)


Cocktail Tables - $4.00 each or $ 12.00 each that include linens.

(IO available at each location)




Special Thank You

to All the Photographers that Contributed Photos

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